A Yoga Instructor's 20-Second Stretch For Better Posture (VIDEO)


Many of us spend eight hours (or more) of our work day seated at a desk, hovering over a keyboard. Unless you have the diligence of a prima ballerina, this hunched position quickly leads to poor posture -- and all the aches and pains that come with.

To help correct the imbalance of a full day of slouching, Jill Miller, founder of Yoga Tune Up, shares her "Sneaky Chest Stretch" in the above #OWNSHOW video. Miller uses a strap in her example, but says a towel or belt will give you the same effect.

Start the stretch by taking the strap in both hands and raising your arms up and over your head. "You want to spread your arms as wide as you can so you actually feel the stretch," Miller instructs.

Pull your arms back, about 30 degrees above your shoulders. "You should feel stretch across the very front of your chest, all the way through the biceps, across the elbow, into the forearms," she says.

Don't cheat by throwing your ribcage forward, Miller warns. Keep your ribs right on top of your pelvis for the best stretch. No strap or a towel handy? A doorway will also do the trick – just bring your hands on either side of the doorway and stretch. "You'll be able to relieve all that tension from that hunch," Miller says.

Hold the stretch for 20 seconds, or three to five breaths, Miller advises.

"You slouch over all day. This is how you bring yourself back to life," she says.

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