What Everyone Can Do During Sex To Make It Even Better

Dr. Laura Berman shares the advice that can create an "astronomical" response.

It's one of the most basic facts of long-term relationships: Intimacy can ebb and flow.

As relationship expert and author Dr. Laura Berman notes, everyone struggles with sexual energy at some point in their busy lives. For those in this position at the moment -- not due to deep-rooted relationship conflicts or any underlying medical issues -- there is good news, Berman says. You can help get things back on track simply by using your body's energy.

The first step, she explains, is to open your heart to your partner by being more tuned in and present in the relationship.

"Look into each other's eyes, synchronize your breath with one another," Berman suggests. "Imagine light flowing back and forth between your hearts."

Then, in the midst of being intimate, focus your mind on that energy and its movement.

"Imagine the energy rising up through your body, through all of your chakras," Berman says, using the Sanskrit word for wheel, or the centers of spiritual power in the body. "Imagine your chakras spinning and vibrating with your body's energy and with the passion between you, being fed not only by your heart's love, but by your partner's love as well."

The end result, she adds, can be quite powerful.

"Not only does your arousal increase and your enjoyment increase and your desire increase, but the response is astronomical," she says. "So try it!"

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