Melissa Verykios, Headhunter, And Her Three Tips To Better Skin

While we were out enjoying the beautiful weather in the Flatiron District, we met this beautiful headhunter. Melissa Verykios' thick brows, radiant complexion and minimal makeup had us turning our heads and dying to know more about her beauty routine.

"I always tell people to take off their makeup at night, moisturize and don't smoke -- that's what keeps my skin clear and glowy," said Verykios. We think these three tips should be engraved somewhere.

She may have her skincare regimen down, but it took Verykios a little longer to discover what works best for her hair. "I've had my hair straightened with the Brazilian Keratin, but I wouldn't recommend it. It made my hair really oily and too straight. My hair is wavy and it was just too strong of a treatment." Here's to shiny, healthy hair!

get better skinPhoto/Art: Raydene Salinas

Beauty Street Style: Melissa Verykios

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