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If you are tired of not only the endless mudslinging between the major party presidential candidates, but find yourself agreeing with all of it, the time is right to consider another candidate. I am speaking specifically of the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and his running mate, Bill Weld.

Both former governors [NM and MA, respectively], and already polling in double digits, they offer a genuine alternative to Clinton and Trump.

The former, despite having a lengthy and distinguished history of public service, at best, offers merely a continuation of the failed class warfare and appeasement policies of the Obama Administration which have been only a recipe for economic stagnation and foreign policy fiascoes. When combined with her demonstrated lack of integrity on fundamental matters, such as flatly lying to the country about what happened in Benghazi, and with her e-mail server, she is totally unsuited to be president.

The latter, while commendably taking on the suffocating political correctness which imperils so much initiative in this country and inveighing against runaway regulation, has no public service in his background and too frequently allows his personal biases and animosities to dictate his positions and is likely to embroil America in unnecessary conflicts and ill-conceived policies borne of impulse and personal grudge. Spewing invective and blaming immigrants, Mexicans and Muslims for all of the country's ills is not a prescription for improvement. His recent bizarre comments regarding "Second Amendment people" illustrates why we need an alternative.

Both are poor candidates and unqualified to serve. In both cases, there are serious questions pertaining to their curious foreign connections. Nothing is accomplished by seeking to distinguish which is the lesser of the evils; both are evil. We can and must do better.

The Libertarian candidates for the most part, with the notable exception of their advocacy of legalization of many drugs which are currently illegal, adhere to common sense prescriptions, recognizing the limits of government expertise - which have been in very short supply during the last 8 [16?] years of activist government. In my view, Mr. Johnson is correct when he states that 'most people are Libertarians, but just don't know that this is the case'. For example, they emphasize fiscal conservatism intended to bolster fee enterprise, and social liberalism, respecting the choices of individuals.

Notably absent from their approach is the demonization of anyone.

More importantly, they do not come burdened with major reservations as to their temperament, predispositions, and/or integrity and do possess substantial executive experience. Are they electable?

Fair question for any third party candidate, but this time last year, who would have 'thunk' that we would be considering alternatives to Republican nominee Donald Trump? In this crazy year, nothing should be ruled out. It is far from unrealistic to contemplate the Libertarians moving up from low double digits to the 15% threshold needed to participate in the presidential debates. If this happens, the contrast with the other candidates may have surprising effects, especially since they are already on the ballot in most, if not all, states..

In any case, we owe it to ourselves to entertain ALL alternatives to what is probably the worst major party choice in modern times. I'd much rather vote for someone instead of deciding how hard to hold my nose when I vote against someone. Let's keep open minds and insist upon a real choice! No matter your ideological orientation, you should insist upon integrity and measured judgment to carry it out. Even if you disagree with the Libertarians' ideology, ask yourself whether they have demonstrated the stability, integrity and judgment needed for a president.

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