15 Things That Are Better Than Sex

We all know sex can be awesome, but let's face it -- when knee-deep in the single life, it's not always what you would call "mind blowing."

In fact, we can think of several things more mind-blowing than getting sweaty with someone else. And it turns out, we aren't alone in this sentiment. A Reddit thread popped up Tuesday asking users to list items or activities that they believe are better than sex.

See 15 of the best responses below:

  1. "When I walk through the front door and my dog is SUPER PUMPED to see me."

  • "Oh man, taking off your work boots and slipping on a pair of sneakers to drive home in is one of the simplest and greatest pleasures I have known. I almost wish I still worked in construction just for that one part of every day."
  • "Really good Thai food!"
  • "The sound of the bottle cap when you open that fresh beer. Mmmmm."
  • "Getting into bed with freshly shaved legs and clean sheets."
  • "Coming home from work and seeing my son, and him being very excited seeing me. When he yells 'DADDY!' it fills me up with immense joy."
  • "Taking a hot shower on a really cold day."
  • "Using the word literally correctly."
  • "Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie. Yup."
  • "Coffee. Nothing else compares to the sweet nectar of life. Also, my family's homemade maple syrup."
  • "A really good steak is definitely better than sex. Not all steak, but certainly the best steak."
  • "Laying in bed in an air-conditioned room after a nice shower."
  • "Good bbq. Slow cooked w/ just the right amount of smoke. I love it."
  • "Tax refunds."
  • What's on your better-than-sex list? Tell us in the comments section!

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