90-Year-Old Betty Bailey Is Instagram's Latest Fashion Sensation

Move over, Baddie Winkle. There's a new fashionable Instagrandma on the block who's inspiring us all to be a little more stylish.

Meet Betty Bailey. The 90-year-old fashionista is taking Instagram by storm with her killer fashion sense. She was even featured in a shoot for VICE Magazine earlier this month.

The nonagenarian knows no boundaries when it comes to style and can be seen rocking everything from feathers to flowers, tiaras to some killer makeup. "For me fashion is a spiritual release," Bailey told The Huffington Post. "What I choose to adorn my body helps awaken my soul and In that moment I become a sterling Movie Star!"

Bailey says she's always been a showgirl, starting her career by tap dancing at military balls in the 1940s and then traveling the world during WWII. You can even check out some of her throwback photos on her Instagram account. She now lives in Oceanside, California where she often dresses up for photo shoots with her grandson, Love Bailey, an artist, performer and designer considered to be a son by Betty Bailey.

Besides her keen eye for fashion, there's an important adage we can all learn from Grandma Betty: "Age is just a number, your light is eternal."

Rock on, Betty.



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