Betty Loren-Maltese, Former Cicero President, Holds Garage Sale (VIDEO)

Still on the prowl for some exciting, albeit unusual, plans for your long weekend? Many bargain hunters, collectors and the generally curious alike traveled to suburban Forest View Friday as Former Cicero Town President Betty Loren-Maltese kicked off a garage sale that will last through Sunday.

Though Loren-Maltese, convicted in 2002 of corruption challenges, told ABC 7 she needs the money to help pay the bills, she will likely need to surrender 20 percent of what she takes in as part of the restitution she still owes the feds -- a figure estimated in July to be $8.3 million. Earlier this summer, her modest, 1,200-square-foot home went on the auction block and was sold for $87,000, money that will go toward her outstanding balance.

Other items available at the sale, as the Chicago Tribune reports, include make-up mirrors, a singing bass plaque and a barrage of costume earrings going for $1.50 per pair. She was also autographing some of the merchandise, which was reportedly flying off the shelves quickly.

"The government took everything," Loren-Maltese told the Tribune Friday. "They left me homeless. I need to sell some of these items to survive."

In news that will disappoint anyone who had their eye on owning a piece of Loren-Maltese's extensive clown collection (partially pictured above), ABC 7 reports that nearly the whole lot was sold to one man early on Friday for $100.

The garage sale will continue through Sunday at 4500 S. Grove Ave. in Forest View, with doors slated to open at 9 a.m. both Saturday and Sunday, NBC Chicago reports.

In other news, Loren-Maltese said she is still working on a book about her political career and the $12 million mob-related insurance scam conviction that landed her in prison for six years -- though she still claims innocence.