Betty White Announces Presidential Run On 'Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin is out. Betty White is in.

The nonagenarian announced her candidacy for the President of the United States on the "Late Late Show" on Monday night, citing a need for cash -- thanks to an Angry Birds-induced Buick accident. Richard Nixon, she said, was her choice of running mate.

The host, Craig Ferguson, quickly began questioning her positions on the issues, and she gave some pretty normal Washington politician answers:

Immigration reform: "That's a tough one. I'll pass."

Defense spending: "Pass."

Healthcare: "Can I phone a friend? I think Richard Nixon would know the answer."

After that, Ferguson seemed (jokingly) frustrated. "You've got no experienced, you're totally uninformed, and you seem to have a questionable grip on reality."

Her response? "I know -- I'm the perfect politician!"

Hey, perhaps a grassroots campaign really can get her in office; after all, it did help her get a hosting gig on "Saturday Night Live," for which she won an Emmy.