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Betty White Counts Down 'TV's Funniest Of The Funniest': Who Came Out On Top? (VIDEO)

Who better to host a countdown of "TV's Funniest of the Funniest" than one of the funniest women to ever be on television. As Betty White pointed out on Twitter, we could trust her with this list. After all, she was there for all 60 years covered in the countdown!

White partnered with the Paley Center for Media to count down the 30 funniest scenes in television history. While most people would expect the classics like "I Love Lucy" and "The Dick Van Dyke Show" to make their way to the top of the list, there were some surprising entries from newer shows -- including one that's still airing new episodes. Let's run down the Top 5 moments and see how many of them cracked us up.

The number five moment was when Cliff Huxtable taught Theo about fiscal responsibility using Monopoly money on "The Cosby Show." Number four was the classic episode of "Dick Van Dyke" about an art auction gone wrong. The current hit "Modern Family" rose to the number three slot for the scene where Phil and Claire's kids caught them in the act.

Will Smith was the runner-up with "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" episode where Will told Carlton he killed Lisa, just to get a rise out of him. But the number one moment? Well, that's been a television favorite moment for decades now. As Betty White explained it, "All that was needed for this scene to become your all-time favorite was Lucy, Ethel and a few hundred chocolates.”

Yep, it was the classic episode of "I Love Lucy" that saw the two best friends trying to keep up with a conveyor belt of chocolate, ultimately shoving the chocolates into their shirts and mouths as the chocolate pieces came faster and faster.

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