Betty White Reveals Her Favorite Gift, And It Couldn't Be Sweeter

She treasured it for 17 years.

Over the years, Emmy-winning actress Betty White has given and received so many birthday, holiday and just-because presents that it might seem difficult to pinpoint her favorites -- but she knows exactly which gifts have stood out among the rest.

As she told Oprah during a conversation for "Oprah: Where Are They Now -- Extra", White's favorite gifts to give and receive share one common theme, which should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the star's charity work: They're animal-related.

Her favorite gift to give? "Money to my favorite charities," White tells Oprah. "Like Morris Animal Foundation and the Los Angeles Zoo and all those. That's my favorite gift [to give]."

As a recipient, White's favorite gift ended up being something cute, cuddly and treasured for well over a decade.

"[It was] a Pekinese puppy," White says. "It was a birthday gift from a man I was engaged to marry."

The moment that pup was placed in her arms, White knew she was in love. Perhaps more so with the animal than with the man who give him to her.

"I had that baby for 17 years," she says of her dog. "The fellow went away -- I never married him -- but I had the puppy dog for 17 [years]!"

Just in case you thought the story couldn't get any sweeter, White shares her beloved dog's name and the meaning behind it.

"Bandit," White says. "Because he stole my heart away."

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