Betty White: 'I'm Going Away For A While'

It seems that only Betty White can cool down Betty White.

The 89-year old comeback queen and renewed national treasure has experienced quite the career renaissance, most recently with her hot cable show, 'Hot in Cleveland.' But at the press conference for the Television Critics Association on Wednesday, she said she's looking to take a bit of a break.

"What is this Betty White business," she said, as relayed by The Hollywood Reporter. "This is so silly. You've had an overdose of me. I think I'm going to go away for a while."

White, whose rise back to prominence took off with a massively popular Facebook group and brought her to hosting 'SNL' and appearing in 'Community,' said she's looking to slow things down a bit.

"It's hard for me to say no to a job because you spend your career thinking if you say no to a job they'll never offer you another one," White offered. "My mother taught me to say no as a girl. But I'm trying to cut down, I really am."

No worries, though, because she's not going away completely -- she's continuing with 'Hot in Cleveland,' which next season will see her reunite on screen with legendary co-star Mary Tyler Moore. The more time goes by, the greater the nostalgia grows for the comedienne.

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