Betty White: "It's Been A Long Time Since I've Been Manhandled" (VIDEO)

It seems like just yesterday we were all taking part in an inexplicable (yet long overdue) grassroots campaign to get Betty White to host 'SNL." But the day is finally on the horizon, as Ms. White will grace the stage in Studio 8H tomorrow night.

If you've been skeptical about whether or not she could actually hold her own, then last night's appearance on Fallon is required viewing. If you're already pumped...well, it's also required viewing. She was bebopping and scatting throughout the interview, firing out one-liners at will. When asked if she'd appear in a sketch with musical guest Jay-Z, she promptly responded: "Jay-Z has 99 problems...but this bitch ain't one of them."

Perhaps the highlight came when Fallon warned her that during commercial breaks she'll be manhandled by wardrobe and make-up. White then dipped into the well, joking, "It's been a long time since I've been manhandled."

Oh, did we mention her beer pong rematch with Fallon? Yeah. That happened, too.