Betty White 'Did Not Look Away' After Jon Hamm Had To 'Back That Thang Up' On Her

Hamm recalled what happened behind the scenes following a 2010 Emmys sketch with the “Golden Girls” icon.

Actor Jon Hamm reflected Friday on an awkward backstage encounter with the late Betty White.

During an interview on “The Tonight Show,” host Jimmy Fallon asked Hamm about a “Glee” parody that the two had filmed with the “Golden Girls” icon for the 2010 Emmys.

The comedic sketch featured the “Confess, Fletch” star dancing in a dressing room and White, playing Hamm’s dance coach, asking him to shake it and “back that mother up.”

“My job was to back that thang up into Betty White’s front,” Hamm recalled.

You can watch a video of Hamm and White dancing, starting around the 1:41 mark, below.

Hamm remarked that White, who died in late 2021, was in her 90s as she grooved with him.

Hamm also said that White didn’t take her eyes off him after the parody.

“My favorite part was the continuation of that. ... I had to present right after that [sketch] with Betty,” Hamm said.

“I had to get out of my ‘Glee’ costume and into my tuxedo. So I had to do like a quick change backstage, and Betty was right there,” he recalled.

“And by the way, [she] did not look away!”

“Wow! Betty White is a legend,” Fallon exclaimed as a smile spread across Hamm’s face.

You can watch more of the “The Tonight Show” interview below.

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