Betty White Gives Kim Kardashian A Makeover (VIDEO)

"There! Now you'll score..." declares Betty.

Kim Kardashian's style has gotten a major makeover over the past year, what with Kanye West exercising his monochromatic influence and now impending motherhood making its mark. But she got the best transformation of all on Tuesday night's "Betty White's Off Their Rockers," White's NBC sketch comedy show in which old people do ridiculous things.

Last night's ridiculous thing: making over Kim to look like a Betty White clone.

Ready for a night on the town, Kim walks into Betty's bedroom wearing a Kanye-approved LBD. "Can I bag some hotties in this or what?" she asks the 90-year-old.

One wig, one frumpy blazer and two clip-on earrings later, Kim's ready. "There! Now you'll score..." declares Betty.

We'd say the transformation is shocking, but Kim's old lady hair actually looks nearly identical to the Kris Jenner-like wig Kim wore on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" last year (you know, the one where she starts wearing wigs to cope with her divorce stress). The only difference here is that it's blonde.

Oh yeah, and there's no gravity-defying cleavage.

See Kim and her new pal, Betty, goofing around in the video clip below.

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