Betty Who Helps 'Queer Eye' Guys Give Their Theme Song A Fancy Makeover

And Antoni's avocados steal the show!

To celebrate the start of their second season this month, the “Queer Eye” guys teamed up with pop star Betty Who to give their show’s theme song a colorful remix.

The “All Things (Just Keep Getting Better)” music video, released Friday, features Who’s slick vocals and plenty of rainbow imagery, while the guys zing their public personas in perfectly cheeky ways.

For instance, grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness does a few Pantene-style hair flips. Food and wine guru Antoni Porowski is seen surrounded by his beloved avocados ... and sporting a midriff-bearing hoodie. 

Watch the full video below.

The clip concludes with the Fab Five piling into a bedazzled pickup truck and flying off into the sky a la “Grease.” A confused-looking Who, meanwhile, remains earthbound. 

The “All Things (Just Keep Getting Better)” remix should help “Queer Eye” fans tide themselves over until Season 2 hits Netflix on June 15. The eight new episodes will reportedly feature the show’s first female and first trans male subjects.