'Between Two Ferns: A Fairytale Of New York' Features Jon Stewart, Tina Fey And Sir Richard Branson (VIDEO)

The first televised "Between Two Ferns" special, "A Fairytale of New York," aired Sunday night before the Comedy Awards on Comedy Central.

Host Zach Galifianakis sat down with guests Tina Fey, Sir Richard Branson and Jon Stewart to talk about the important stuff, like whether Chris Rock's full name is Christian Rock and what it's like to own a company that gives hot air baboon rides.

The episode marked comedian Scott Aukerman's TV directorial debut, and was a bit of a love letter to the city of New York. Galifianakis started by taking Fey on a horse and carriage ride through Central Park, then caught up with Sir Richard at his swanky hotel to ask how "much [he has], money-wise," and topped the afternoon off by meeting up with Stewart at the "Daily Show" offices.

You can watch the full special on Comedy Central's website (and make sure you watch all the way til the end to see the completely-unstaged bloopers!).