'Between Two Ferns' Oscar Buzz Edition Part II: Bradley Cooper Fights Zach Galifianakis (VIDEO)

For the second day in a row, Funny Or Die released a new episode of "Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis" featuring some of this year's crop of Oscar nominees. Jessica Chastain, Sally Field and Bradley Cooper show up in this episode to get the full, deadpan Galifianakis treatment.

After ribbing Chastain and Field (he asked Field about gaining weight for "Lincoln": "How'd you do it? Eat Anne Hathaway?"), he was excited to interview the "Lincoln" star himself, before he realized his producers had booked not Daniel Day-Lewis, but Emmanuel Lewis of "Webster."

But the real highlight of the episode was Zach's interview with his "Hangover" co-star Bradley Cooper, who's nominated for "Silver Linings Playbook." After Zach reveals that he wrote an Oscar speech for Cooper, which was actually a concession speech to Daniel Day-Lewis, Cooper let his annoyance with his fellow Wolf Packer get the best of him and quarreled with him to the point of bashing his head with a flower pot.

Check out the Funny or Die clip above for the latest installments of the most unprofessional interview show of all time.



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