Beverly Allitt AKA 'Angel Of Death': Nurse Murdered Children In Her Care On 'Twisted' (VIDEO)

'Twisted': The 'Angel Of Death' Preyed On Children In Her Care

Beverly Allitt may have been a very sick woman, but she was also a very dangerous one. Even more so because she not only seemed harmless, but because she was in a position to care for people's children. Allitt was a nurse in the early 1990s, and it was during this time that she killed four children, and attempted to kill even more, as detailed on "Twisted."

Targeting children as young as a few months old, Allitt would inject them with large doses of insulin. An investigator said that one of her victims recorded the second-highest blood insulin reading ever at 47,000. She became known in the media as the Angel of Death, but some of the families felt she was being unfairly targeted, she had so gained their trust.

Allitt was sentenced to thirteen life sentences for her crimes in 2007. According to The Guardian, she must serve a minimum of 30 years, minus the time she'd already been incarcerated at the time of sentencing. She was diagnosed with Munchausen syndrome by proxy, described by The Guardian as "a form of child abuse in which carers deliberately induce or falsely report illnesses in children to focus attention on themselves."

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