'Beverly Hills Nannies': ABC Family Gets New Docuseries

Bring on the nanny drama!

Ten high-class nannies are making their way to Beverly Hills to manage a slew of high-maintenance, wealthy families on ABC Family's "Beverly Hills Nannies."

The nannies managing the Margolis, Faulk, Thames, Bellamar, Tsicrou and Solomon families include:

  • Kristin Lacione: One of the top nannies in Beverly Hills, Lacione is working to open her own nanny placement agency. A previous nanny for actress Lori Loughlin, Lancione makes sure her nannies are the best of the best.
  • Justin Sylvester: Former "Ladysitter" for actress and reality star Kyle Richards, Sylvester brings his Southern charm, wit and blunt way of live to his clients.
  • Lucy Treadway: Treadway grew up taking care of kids, so being a nanny comes as second nature to her. Not only does she love to sing and dance, but she was a top nanny choice for Charlie Sheen.
  • Amanda Averill A newbie in Beverly Hills, Averill is relocating to LA from the Midwest to be a nanny and has to get used to West Coast life.
  • Scott Cartmill Attractive and Australian, Cartmill isn't just great with kids. He has a way with the Beverly Hills moms too!
  • Shayla Quinn Quinn became a nanny after helping a friend out and fell in love with the profession. She loves bonding with kids, but makes sure her charges are respectful and have good manners.
  • Shan Sturz Known as the top Beverly Hills manny, Sturz has worked for musician Kenny G for several years and writes children's books.
  • Amber Valdez: An aspiring TV show host, Valez has been a nanny for actor/director/writer Nick Cassavetes and acress Heather Wahlquist.
  • Maggie Thorne: As one of Lacione's best friends, Thorne desperately wants to be a nanny. Unfortunately, Lacione isn't sure about Thorne because of her love of a partying.
Tune in to "Beverly Hills Nannies," premiering Wednesday, July 11 at 9 p.m. ET.