These Four Phenomenal Black Women Won Beyoncé's Formation Scholarship

The ladies will be receiving $25,000 toward their education.

Four black women were fortunate enough to be named winners of Beyoncé’s Formation Scholarship.

The BeyGood foundation announced the winners on Thursday. Two winners come from historically black colleges: Maya Rogers, a graduate student studying music therapy at Howard University and Bria Paige, a junior studying English at Spelman College. The other two ladies come from art schools: Sadiya Ramos, a sophomore studying dance at Berklee College of Music and Avery Youngblood, a second-year student studying graphic design at Parsons School of Design. 

To receive the women-only scholarship, these students had to have a 3.5 grade point average and write an essay about how Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” inspired them in their educational endeavors. The scholarship, announced in April, was a part of the one-year celebration of the visual album. BeyGood partnered with each of these schools for the inaugural scholarship.

Rogers, Paige, Ramos and Youngblood will each receive $25,000 toward their education. 

In a press release, Paige said “Lemonade” has inspired her to “pursue doctoral studies centered on black feminist thought.”

“Experiencing Beyoncé blur the lines between the personal and political and influence culture worldwide, while championing black women and our experience, empowers me to discover effective and culturally sound ways to see myself within the world and my academic future,” she said.

“As I prepare to enter into my junior year at Spelman College, I walk with new purpose as I work to redefine and transform academia, specifically infusing creativity, innovation and popular culture into scholarship,” she continued. “Similar to Beyoncé, I aim to merge two worlds, considered to be complete opposites, to create my own genre of scholarship.”

Congratulations to these four phenomenal scholars! 

H/T Vibe