Beyoncé, Jay-Z Album Shows Up On Spotify, Apple Music, And Fans Freak Out

The couple said "Everything Is Love" would be exclusively available on the Tidal streaming service. It's not.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s new joint album “Everything Is Love” has dropped, and everyone seems to have collectively gone mad. 

The Carters announced the release of the nine-track album during their On The Run II tour in London on Saturday, and said it would be exclusive to the Tidal streaming service.

Naturally, fans without Tidal subscriptions were upset because the album was unavailable on more widely used services, like Spotify, Pandora, or Apple Music. That is, until they realized it was.

The album on Monday surfaced on various streaming services, under the artist name “The Carters.” The Carters page on Spotify has no image of Beyoncé or Jay-Z, and doesn’t have a description. But it’s the “Everything Is Love” record.  

The discovery has fans in a tizzy:

What makes the move especially intriguing is that on the album itself, Beyoncé actually disses Spotify, and says she doesn’t care about streaming services:

“My success can’t be quantified / If I gave two fucks about streaming numbers, would’ve put Lemonade up on Spotify/ Fuck you, fuck you,” she raps in one song.

Damn, Beyoncé.

Spotify declined to comment.



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