Beyoncé Will Not Let Jay Z (Or Us) Forget About 'Lemonade'

She ain't sorry.

Beyoncé has at least one thing in common with us mere mortals: She isn't over "Lemonade," either. 

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The 34-year-old singer took a bit of well-deserved time away from her Formation World Tour to catch some sun with Jay Z and Blue Ivy in Hawaii. And while all may appear to be well in paradise, Bey evidently couldn't resist sneaking in what has become her signature shade-throwing accessory. 

In photos shared on Instagram and her website, Bey dons a bright yellow cover-up that not-so-subtly resembles that Roberto Cavalli dress she wore in the "Lemonade" video. (Did she tear it up in the same gleeful rage she destroyed this car window? One can only dream.)

Bey also shared a pic of herself wearing a lemon crown-and-earring combo, which she took to the beach with a matching necklace and floral one-piece swimsuit.

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We like to believe this her way of informing Jay Z (and her loyal Beyhive) that the "Lemonade" storm is still brewing.

Yet, judging by the loving pictures the couple has shared, things seem to be right between them -- for now. Who knows how long it will be until they address all those rumors stirred up by the singer's bombshell album?

After all, a picture may be worth a thousand words, but a visual album is worth at least a million.