Beyoncé's Dad Sets The Record Straight About Police Boycotting Her Tour

"People just don’t understand how it works," Knowles said.

Mathew Knowles spoke out on several police unions threatening to boycott daughter Beyoncé's upcoming "Formation" World Tour in response to what critics called divisive #BlackLivesMatter themes in her Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show performance and her popular "Formation" video. 

During an interview with The Grio, Knowles said the idea of a potential police boycott is "ridiculous" due to the standard security protocol provided to artists at concerts.

"It doesn’t work the way the general public thinks. When any artist -- Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, I don’t care who it is -- anytime that they’re gonna have a show the artist themselves don’t get involved with who the security is," Knowles explained to The Grio's Entertainment Editor Chris Witherspoon. "It goes like this: a promoter promotes the show, and a promoter rents the venue, and the venue provides the security. That's how it's been since the history of music. So police boycotting Beyoncé is ridiculous, because the venue buys the security."

Organizations such as the Nation of Islam have offered Bey security for her tour. But Knowles maintained that additional support won't be necessary because the international pop star has it covered.

"Every artist has their own personal security. Beyoncé has the same personal security that she’s had for over 10 years, so that hasn’t changed," Knowles added during the interview. "People just don’t understand how it works. Nobody's asking what the city or the [police] union cares. The venue gets the security. So it doesn’t even work like that. That’s ridiculous."

Check out more of Mathew Knowles' interview with The Grio in the clip above.