Beyoncé's 'Daddy Lessons' Apparently Wasn't Country Enough For Grammys

The song was rejected by the Recording Academy's country music committee.

Beyoncé is fine, OK? She has more Grammys to her name than Katy Perry could scribble down in her dream journal and she was just nominated for nine more on Tuesday for her visual album “Lemonade.”

Receiving nine nominations is incredible, but Bey could have been walking away with 11, if the music industry would stop erasing black artists’ contributions to the country music genre

According to The Associated Press, Beyoncé’s country-inspired song “Daddy Lessons” was rejected by the Recording Academy’s country music committee. 

A source apparently well-versed in Grammy politics reportedly told AP that the singer submitted “Daddy Lessons” for consideration, but the track was not up to snuff for Grammy gatekeepers. If nominated, “Daddy Lessons” would have made Beyoncé eligible to win Best Country Song or Country Solo Performance.

The reasoning behind the song’s rejection was unclear. 

The song has already proven to be controversial with country audiences, who took issue with Beyoncé performing it alongside The Dixie Chicks at this year’s Country Music Awards.

#Boycott @CMA since it wants to have a cop hater like @Beyonce on our country music show,” one Twitter user wrote before her performance. “She’s not ruining our music.”

Despite the onslaught of racist garbage, Bey took the stage anyway, delivering a show-stopping rendition of “Daddy Lessons” and later releasing a version of the song featuring the Dixie Chicks on Soundcloud.

Your loss, Grammys. 

Watch their full performance below: 

The Huffington Post has reached out to Beyoncé’s representatives and the Recording Academy and will update the post accordingly.