Videotapes Of Beyoncé Performing At Age 10 Are Fantastically ’90s

Up for auction in London, they could fetch nearly $4 million.

Occasionally, we fail to remember that 35-year-old Beyoncé Knowles has been singing and dancing for live audiences for nearly three decades. But this auction announcement is a pleasant reminder of that ― and ’90s-tastic fashion.

Ted Owens & Co., a London auctioneer offering “exclusive and eclectic collectables from the iconic era’s and bygone times,” has put up for sale video tapes showing Beyoncé performing at age 10 in 1992. Take a look above for a rainbow-striped preview.

Together, the 12 unedited, professionally produced tapes were discovered in the original vidographer’s garage and feature approximately two-and-a-half hours of footage. The company estimates this slice of pop culture history is worth up to around $3.8 million.

Encouraged by family from her earliest years in Houston, Texas, Beyoncé began learning choreographed routines and perfecting her voice. By 10, she was performing with the rap group Girl’s Tyme, which would debut (unsuccessfully) on “Star Search” and undergo several variations before leading to the creation of Destiny’s Child.

“This recently unearthed and never seen original footage offers the viewer a candid insight into a 10 year old Beyoncé developing her craft that would ultimately make her the world’s biggest pop stars,” reads an unedited statement from the company.

Bids will be accepted through Jan. 10. More information is available at Ted Owens & Co



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