Beyonce's Album Release Party At Dave & Buster's Looks Totally Awesome

Beyonce, being the amazing Beyonce that she is, had a private album release party at probably the most awesome place ever: Dave & Buster's.

Instead of going to some hoity-toity nightclub, Beyonce hit up Dave & Buster's in Times Square to celebrate the release (and the record-breaking success) of her self-titled album, E! News reports. She headed to the entertainment venue after her concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn Thursday, Dec. 19, with her friends and fans, including Drake, who was quick to applaud the superstar.

"I just came out tonight to let you know congratulations to each and every one of you that worked on this sh*t, for real," Drake told the audience. "And of course to the queen, the utmost congratulations."

Queen Bey uploaded multiple photos from the party to her Instagram account. There were games, there were cakes and there were even light-up bow headbands like the ones from her "XO" video.

Oh, there were also shots, and Beyonce tossed them back with her fans like a pro.

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Queen Bey!