Beyonce And Blue Ivy Spotted At Bergdorf Goodman In New York City (PHOTO, UPDATED)


It's been a while since we got a good look at Beyonce and Jay-Z's pride and joy, Blue Ivy. In fact, we haven't seen her adorable face since the couple posted the first photos of Blue on their Tumblr.

Blue Ivy makes public outings almost daily, yet her mother is careful to shield her face from the prying eyes of the paparazzi.

But on Wednesday a rare photo of the 30-year-old and her 6-month-old daughter shopping in Bergdorf Goodman was posted online, by a fan named @BeyonceIndo:

blue ivy beyonce indonesia

Another fan confirmed the in-store sighting and excitedly tweeted about it, writing:

"It's cool. Just shopping next to Beyonce at Bergdorf, baby on her hip. No entourage. She winked at me, no shit."

And one shopper told HuffPost Celebrity's Naughty But Nice Rob, "They didn't spend that long in the store browsing items. Everyone was dying to get a glimpse of the baby. They both looked very happy and [seemed to be] enjoying some 'mommy and me' time."

All we can say is, how cute is baby Blue?

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