Blue Ivy Carter Goes Yachting With Beyonce And Jay-Z (PHOTOS)

Blue Ivy is really living the life. Beyonce and Jay-Z's tiny tot spent some time on a yacht crusing the Mediterranean Sea on Monday with her parents, looking as cute as can be.

We haven't seen too much of Blue Ivy since she was born in January, but fans got to see a lot of Beyonce and Jay-Z over the weekend in Philadelphia at the Made in America music festival. Jay-Z headlined the event, while Beyonce watched her husband from backstage. Kim Kardashian also made an appearance to cheer on her beau, Kanye West, but according to reports, it doesn't seem like Kim and Bey will be BFFs anytime soon.

Check out photos from the Carter family's yacht vacation below:

blue ivy photos

blue ivy beyonce jayz

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