Beyonce's Baby Blue Already Has Her Own Security

You know you're a VIP when, barely out of the womb, you already have your own security detail -- that's the reality for Beyonce and Jay-Z's new baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter.

"Only the closest family members and friends were told about the birth," a family friend told me. "Both mom and dad's security team met with hospital officials a week before the birth to make sure everything went [according] to plan. They refused to allow the birth of their daughter to be a media circus. Ever since the birth, extra security has been added, watching baby and mom 24/7, making Blue Ivy the youngest celebrity in the world to have her own protection."

This isn't the first time both Beyonce and Jay-Z have taken extraordinary measures to keep their private lives private. When the couple married back in 2008, every detail, including the dress, was kept secret until Beyonce was ready to reveal them three years later.

"Of course they are aware that there is enormous interest in them and, now that they have a child, that has only increased," my source explained. "However, don't expect this public hunger to change the attitude of these two, who decided a long time ago that what they did for a living was for everyone to enjoy but a private life is just that."

Unlike many celebrities who stage photos of themselves entering or existing the hospital, no such photos of the new mom and dad exist. In fact, Beyonce hasn't been seen in public since Thursday and insiders say she won't be coming out of her new mom cocoon until she's ready.

Beyonce and Jay-Z's representatives could not be reached for comment but the couple did tweet via E! Online that they "are in heaven" with their healthy baby girl.


Check out Beyonce's pregnancy journey below:

Beyonce's Baby Bump
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