Beyonce Congratulates Kim Kardashian, Kanye West On Baby Girl

Rumors of a feud be damned! Beyonce took to her Tumblr to congratulate Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on their newborn baby girl, finally putting to rest all talk of an ongoing tiff.

"Congratulations Kim & Kanye, enjoy this beautiful moment together," Beyonce wrote in a post on her website Monday, just two days after the E! star gave birth to their first child. The "Rise Up" singer also included an adorable black-and-white photo of the new parents.

Queen Bey fans seem happy, too. The message has already received over 90,000 "likes" on her Facebook page.

It also goes to show there is no truth to the Beyonce-Kardashian feud, talk of which has been circulating since the 32-year-old hooked up with West last year. The rumor mill claimed the two never quite hit it off despite the fact that West and Jay-Z are good friends and music partners.

Even though they might come from opposite ends of the celebrity spectrum, the ladies can now bond over their significant others and motherhood. Plus, the "Run The World (Girls)" superstar is all for female empowerment.

"I love my husband, but there's nothing like a conversation with a woman that understands me," she said in her HBO "Life Is But a Dream" documentary. “I grow so much from those conversations. I need my sisters.”

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