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Beyonce's Out There Making Corset Pants Happen

Pretty Hurts, right?

It was a simpler time back when we could just write off Kim Kardashian’s corsets-over-everything habit as a fluke. But the truth is, corsets have made their return with a vengeance. Even the queen is on board.

Queen Beyoncé, that is.

In true Bey fashion, she shared three consecutive photos on Instagram Thursday of the same recent outfit: Black bell bottoms, a billowing off-the-shoulder crop top and a beige corset with hip pads.

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It’s a pretty outrageous look ― most recent iterations of the corset trend we’ve seen haven’t also involved a crop top, for example ― but if anyone is going to pull this elaborate outfit off, it’s Beyoncé.

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Beyoncé has been all about corsets. She often wears them for performances, and who could forget this interesting number from Vh1′s “Big in ’03” awards ceremony?

We’re guessing everybody, but good luck losing this visual now.

She's come a long way since this fur and corset combo. 
She's come a long way since this fur and corset combo. 

Corsets are easier to pull off for celebrities than they are for the average person in normal life. But we can’t say Bey doesn’t make it look slightly more intriguing than usual.

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