Beyonce 'Countdown' Music Video: Baby Bump & Maternity Mod Style (WATCH)

Beyonce Wows With Baby Bump Dance Moves, New Style

Remember, back in August at the MTV Video Music Awards, when Beyonce announced that she is pregnant and then went on to deliver a stunning performance, baby bump out, in a flash circus ringmaster's outfit?

This is way more awesome than that. And baby bumpier, too.

The most famous pregnant woman in the world unveiled her new video to the song "Countdown" on Thursday night, adding new layers of meaning to the song's title. It's a tribute to her husband, Jay-Z, who can now add father-to-be to his relationship resume; it shows her even more pregnant, meaning the countdown to birth is progressing; and, with its 60s mod style, it's counting backwards, too.

She goes through costume changes like a baby does diapers, too, flashing colors, hairstyles and hats that would make Mary Quant proud.

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