Tyra Banks Once Made Beyoncé Perform A Bunch Of Stupid Human Tricks On Her Show

So much talent.

Long ago, in a time before Beyoncé was Queen B as we know her today, Tyra Banks was able to make her do a bunch of stupid human tricks. 

A 2006 interview from "The Tyra Banks Show" was recently unearthed, and it has to be seen to be believed. There was a time, apparently, where Beyoncé didn't take herself quite so seriously. 

In fact, it was almost as if Banks had some sort of power over her as she told the then 25-year-old star that they weren't finishing the segment until Beyoncé displayed some of her "hidden talents."  Can you imagine demanding this of Beyoncé today? Hell no, of course not -- but this was 2006. The singer proceeded to shake her eyes "really fast" as she crossed them and then displayed her ability to cross one at a time.


But that's not all! Beyoncé can also flare her nostrils -- in two different places -- and she can wiggle her ears:


Oh, and she can also do this:


So much talent.


H/T BuzzFeed 

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