Beyoncé Fans On Twitter Are Calling Her ‘Boring’ For A Brilliant Reason

“She’s HORRIBLE! All the dancing and stuff is fake,” one Twitter user wrote.
Beyoncé gets the joke.
Beyoncé gets the joke.
Chris Graythen via Getty Images

We apologize in advance for even reporting on some very brave souls who dared to slander Queen Bey.

But it’s so clever we can’t help ourselves.

A Beyoncé fan on Twitter decided to get a little sneaky in order to try to snag some highly coveted tickets to her 2023 Renaissance World Tour, which the “Break My Soul” singer announced Wednesday.

Their tactic? Make Beyoncé out to be a hack so fewer people will try to buy tickets to her shows, making it easier for them to score some of their own.

“Beyoncé is not a good performer and her concerts are boring,” Twitter user @TheHilaryBuff tweeted Tuesday. “Don’t waste your time buying tickets, y’all. I’m definitely not gonna get them anymore. Moment of clarity. I’m gonna save my coin. You should do the same. Let’s be responsible this year.”

Other Beyoncé fans quickly got the joke and attempted the unthinkable as well.

Too bad the trashing-Bey-to-open-up-availability scam won’t pan out because buying tickets to her tour will likely be a headache.

Due to the chaos that ensued over ticket sales for Taylor Swift’s upcoming Eras Tour, Ticketmaster said in a recent release that it’s implementing measures to “ensure more tickets get into the hands of concertgoers,” using a Verified Fan registration system to “help filter out buyers looking to resell tickets.”

This means fans have to register to merely prove they’re a human being and not a bot before even attempting to buy tickets.

Live Nation even published step-by-step instructions for fans hoping to nab a seat, which honestly sounds really complicated. So, yeah, maybe don’t buy a ticket after all.

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