Beyoncé Forgets To Lip-Sync In Paris, Promptly Keeps Running The World

We all have those days where we forget things -- hey, even Beyoncé does, too.

Or, well, she had one last weekend.

During a Paris performance of the sultry anthem "Partition" -- as part of her On The Run Tour with Jay-Z -- Queen Bey dropped it low onstage to greet some adoring fans, but dropped something else as well: the fact that she may not be singing live.

In the above Instagram video from flowpest, we see Beyoncé bend down and stop mouthing the words to the song -- however, the vocal track continues on in the background.

But hey, no matter. Post lip-sync fail, Bey snaps the microphone back to her lips, whips her hair, and keeps on running the world like it's no big deal.

We see you, Beyoncé.

[h/t Gawker]

Jay-Z, Beyonce perform in Paris