Geniuses Made A Must-Watch ‘Formation’ Parody About Anti-Abortion Laws

"Lawmakers corny with that anti-abortion mess."

A remake of Beyoncé’s “Formation” is telling ladies to “get information” about anti-abortion laws. 

Created by feminist organization Lady Parts Justice League, “InFormation” is a badass feminist anthem that’s reminding everyone how damaging the Hyde Amendment and other anti-abortion laws are for women. The Hyde Amendment prohibits federal programs like Medicaid from covering abortion care for mostly poor and uninsured women.

The video, which is part of a pro-abortion rights campaign titled #BeBoldEndHyde, calls for health insurance that covers abortion care and it’s smart, clever and more important than ever. 

“Ok ladies now let’s get in-formation, cause I say // We gotta get informed about this whack legislation, like today // Your rights, they might get eliminated,” the song lyrics read. 

The “InFormation” lyrics were written by Kerry Coddett, Denae Femada, and Tiara Francis, while the video was produced by Joyelle Nicole Johnson and choreographed by Denae Famada.

Below are a few of our other favorite lines from “InFormation”: 

“These laws disproportionately affect poor women and women of color,” according to an on-screen message by Lady Parts Justice in the “InFormation” video. 

“Women ― especially [women of color] ― are not strangers to having our bodies and our physical and mental health be subject to laws that rob us of choices,” Grae told Colorlines on Thursday. “Choices, options, information [are] all things that we should know exist and that we have the right to have access to... While they are the most basic and human statements to make, they are not just being not honored, but taken from us ― both systematically and with what one can describe as a great disdain for our human rights.” 

Anti-abortion politicians and groups are limiting women’s health access in all 50 states by creating laws that make it harder and harder for abortion doctors to practice. Anti-abortion laws also make abortion more expensive and harder for women to obtain. Often referred to as TRAP laws (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers), these restrictions are shutting down clinics left and right across the country.

Although the Hyde Amendment is not a permanent law, Republicans repeatedly attach it to other bills

Using the hashtag #BeBoldEndHyde, Twitter users made some great points about why the Hyde Amendment needs to be repealed: 

OK ladies, now let’s get in formation... and fight anti-abortion laws. 



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