Beyonce & Gaga Face Off In 'Video Phone' (VIDEO)

Beyonce and Lady Gaga face off in a just-released collaboration for Beyonce's 'Video Phone.' The opening sequence references 'Reservoir Dogs' as Beyonce walks down the street in a Zorro mask with a group of thugs then wields a gun at a hooded prisoner.

A toned-down Gaga makes a cameo midway through, and she and Beyonce wear matching white bustiers and long wavy hair and do an impressive chair dance sequence together.

The absence of nudity, head-to-toe latex and death by pyrotechnics was no accident. Gaga said last month that she told Beyonce, "'I don't want to show up in some frickin' hair bow and be fashion Gaga in your video.' I said, 'I want to do you.'"


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