Beyoncé Might've Just Given The World A Hint About The Sex Of Her Twins

What does it all mean?!?!

The world has eagerly been collectively freaking out about Beyoncé’s twin angels since she announced her pregnancy in February, and now the internet is looking to her fashion choices for hints about the sex of her children. 

Last week, the singer attended a surprise party for stepfather Richard Lawson, where she wore a short, form-fitting dress with a shoulder cutout. But that’s not what fans on Twitter focused on when the “Formation” singer added photos of the outfit to her website.

Fans think her earrings might hold a clue about her twins.

Yes, the earrings Mrs. Carter wore to the 2017 party are the same ones gifted to her in the 2009 “If I Were A Boy” video

BuzzFeed notes that Beyoncé has seemingly dropped subtle hints about important moments in her life in the past, like posing with lemons before her surprise “Lemonade” album and flashing two fingers before revealing her pregnancy. 

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Fans definitely think something is up. They’re just not sure what. 

You’re always keeping us guessing, Bey. 

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