Beyonce Performs 'I Care' Live At Roseland Ballroom

Sasha Fierce isn't ditching the girl power thing anytime soon.

After spending four days commanding the stage at New York City's Roseland Ballroom in August, Beyonce released a two-DVD concert set, "Live At Roseland: The Elements Of 4." While the whole set no doubt radiates her unstoppable style, B's track "I Care" off her album 4 showcases an impressive amount of Beyonce-ness. As she belts the lyrics "You see these tears falling down to my ears/ I swear you like when I'm in pain/ I try to tell you all my fears/ You still don't care?/ That's okay," Beyonce bedazzles in a sparkly getup and an impressive amount of hair-whipping.

The R&B star, whose baby bump grows by the day, isn't having any problem keeping her career on track. Her album 4, released in June, opened to first-week sales of 310,000 copies.