Beyoncé Opens Up About Her 'Iconic' 2013 Super Bowl Performance

Feb. 3, 2013. B-Day.

When Beyoncé took the stage for the Super Bowl XLVII in 2013, she made sure Bey-forehand that her performance would be unforgettable.  

"I knew I had to make the best of the moment," the "Formation" singer said in an interview with CBS on Feb. 5. "I wanted it to be something iconic." 

In the rare sit-down interview, Beyoncé and her collaborators opened up about what it was like to create the 13-minute set, which included "Love on Top," Crazy in Love," "Single Ladies," "Bootylicious" and other classics on the setlist. 

"Working with Beyoncé is interesting," said Hamish Hamilton, director of the halftime show. "She can be a very benevolent dictator, she can also be a wonderful collaborator." 

Hamilton added that Queen Bey has "such an ambition to be perfect," which is how you get incredible, iconic performances like this: 

"It's always important for me to be a strong woman," Beyoncé said. "There haven’t been that many women who have done the Super Bowl halftime show. I had to hold it down for the ladies." 

The singer also made room for two of her favorite ladies, Destiny's Child bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, on stage with her.  

“I could not do the Super Bowl without bringing Kelly and Michelle,” Beyoncé said of the "Bootylicious" mini-reunion. "Some of the biggest songs of my career have been with Destiny’s Child. It's a part of my legacy, it's a part of my history. That was really a beautiful, wonderful thing to have my sisters left and right of me."  

The recent Super Bowl CBS interview is one of the few times the singer has actually opened up over the years. Now notoriously private, one of the last times Bey broke her silence was for an interview with Beat Magazine in October. 

Even then, Yoncé only gave short answers, saying her favorite pizza toppings were "extra tomato sauce and jalapeños." 


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