Did Beyonce Just Majorly Diss Kelly Rowland On Instagram?

One of the most basic rules of journalism stipulates that you need three occurrences to make a trend. Well -- a recently surfaced video of Beyonce rolling her eyes at Kelly Rowland back in their Destiny's Child days recently surfaced, almost a year after Queen Bey had both Rowland and Destiny's Child member Michelle Williams on stage at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, only to turn their mics wayyy down. And now we get a pretty damning third piece of evidence that shows Bey and Kelly's friendship might not be as tight as we've all hoped.

On Thursday (Jan. 16), Rowland posted a photo to her Instagram account of herself with Beyonce and Aaliyah, who would have celebrated her 35th birthday that day.

A few hours later, Beyonce posted the same photo to her Instagram account, only ... can you tell who's missing?

Look again:

Uh, any more shade and we'll need a flashlight to find our way around.



Queen Bey!