Beyonce Reportedly Booted From Egyptian Pyramids For Being 'Rude'

It's hard to believe Beyonce would be kicked out of anything or anywhere, but that's reportedly what happened when an infamous archaeologist booted her from the Egyptian pyramids.

Beyonce travelled to Egypt back in 2009 during her I Am... Tour. Shortly after the superstar stopped by the pyramids, she was bashed by Dr. Zahi Hawass, otherwise known as "Egypt's Indiana Jones." The Egyptologist allegedly referred to the "Love On Top" singer as a "stupid person" who "doesn't understand a thing" and only went there to take photos, BET reported at the time, via local newspapers.

Hawass also cut short her tour of the iconic Egyptian site, according to a new interview.

"Most people I take on tours are very nice and we become friends. But this lady...," Hawass recently told the Independent of Beyonce's visit to the pyramids. "She said she would come at 3 p.m. but she came late. I said 'You have to say I'm sorry I'm late.' But she didn't open her mouth."

"I brought a photographer and she also had a photographer and a guard," he added. "When my photographer started to shoot, he said 'No, Stop! I am the one who says yes or no, not you.' I said, 'In that case since you almost hit my photographer and you are not polite - out! I am not giving you the privilege of having you on my tour.' I said Beyonce was stupid and I left."

Hawass, who was once the Egyptian antiquities minister, is a controversial figure.

Although he has been commended for boosting interest in archaeology in the region, his credibility has come into question, and he has been criticized for his love of publicity. In 2011, he was fired because of his relationship with ousted President Hosni Mubarak's regime, The Associated Press reported.

He came under investigation for various indiscretions -- corruption, wasting public funding and shipping Egyptian antiquities overseas without permission, opening them up to theft -- according to the Smithsonian magazine. He was also banned from traveling outside of the country.