Beyonce & Michelle Obama: Singer Appreciates First Lady In Campaign's New Video

The story of Beyonce and Michelle Obama's mutual-appreciation has crept onto the campaign trail. In a new video released by the president's re-election campaign, the singer reads an open letter she previously posted on her blog.

"Michelle Obama is the ultimate example of a truly strong African-American woman," the 30-year-old chanteuse begins before eventually adding, "I am in awe of [the First Lady]."

Obama took her daughters to Beyonce's May concert. That show, which took place in Atlantic City and was also attended by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, was part of the singer's post-pregnancy comeback concert series. Around the same time, Obama chose Beyonce as the one person she would want to choose places with.

The dynamic duo also collaborated on "Move Your Body," a fitness video geared at getting children exercising.

Here's the full text of Beyonce's letter, as posted on her blog.

The video is available at the top of this post. The following gallery contains a round-up of videos from Beyonce's New Jersey concert.

Beyonce At Revel

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