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A Full Dissection Of That Outfit Beyoncé Wore To Announce Her Pregnancy

Mosquito netting FTW.

Beyoncé, queen, announced Wednesday that she is blessing the masses with not one but two more angels disguised as humans, setting off shrieks around the world and making the world feel a little less broken for one fleeting moment.

Then the moment passed, and we were left with some questions. Questions about whether she’ll still show up at Coachella, questions about who could think up the funniest reaction and many, many questions about this look:

Posing nearly naked atop a bed of flowers, Queen Bey wore an Agent Provocateur bra (which were quickly identified by lingerie blogger Cora Harrington), a pair of baby blue silk bloomers and one large piece of green mesh netting.

Not everyone was taken with the look. The Huffington Post’s own Noah Michelson wasted no time bringing the hard-hitting questions to the forefront on Facebook:

“I’m having a hard time thinking about anything other than whose idea was it to shoot her in front of a funeral wreath in that awful bra and that pea soup green mosquito net? Is this some kind of coded illuminati message? Can we start a petition to get her art director fired? Help?”

Others commended her for doing whatever she damn wants to do at any given moment in time.

But if you, like Ellen Degeneres, wish to recreate this colorful, polarizing outfit, you’re in luck. Journelle carries a similar-looking bra that’s on sale for $33:

Triumph&nbsp;Beauty-Full Icon Padded Bra, <a href="" target="_blank">on sale for $33 at Journelle</a>
Triumph Beauty-Full Icon Padded Bra, on sale for $33 at Journelle

And these bloomers, which for some reason are for adults, are available on Etsy for just $45.57:

Adult Baby Satin Pale blue Frilly Sissy Panties Nappy Cover, <a href=";utm_medium=cpc&amp;utm_campaign=shopping_us_b-clothing-other&amp;utm_custom1=4b45169e-c645-4a7e-acae-75bc57d12a0c&amp;gclid=CN2Vj8b779ECFdKLswodCwsKXg" target="_blank">$45.57 on Etsy</a>
Adult Baby Satin Pale blue Frilly Sissy Panties Nappy Cover, $45.57 on Etsy

And for those looking to go all out, this outdoor mosquito netting from REI, at a bargain $16, should do the trick:

Mombasa Outback Travel Net - Double, $16
Mombasa Outback Travel Net - Double, $16

We are not worthy.