Beyonce & Princess Letizia: Who Wore Her Sparkly Tux Better? (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Are Beyonce & Princess Letizia Wearing The Same Outfit?

We never thought we'd say this, but are Beyonce and Princess Letizia wearing the same outfit?

The Spanish princess favors neutral colors, pants suits and a mid-level heel. Beyonce favors... well, everything else. But like a curious sartorial Venn Diagram, these two famous faces seem to have made the same fashion choice: a sparkly tuxedo.

Beyonce, of course, wore her Dolce & Gabbana jacket at the MTV VMAs in August, dancing and whipping her hair and flaunting that baby bump in tuxedo pants and heels. The reviews were unanimous: a purple tuxedo jacket has never looked better.

But Princess Letizia surprised us by stepping out last week in a glittery black jacket with similar black pants and heels. The pants were a bit slimmer-cut, the jacket less flashy, but the idea was the same: head-to-toe glam.

Which begs the question: who wore it best?

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