Beyonce Responds to Blue Ivy Hair Drama With a Perm

Beyonce Responds to Blue Ivy Hair Drama With a Perm
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Beyonce Knowles has finally responded to the controversy surrounding her daughter Blue Ivy's offensive hairstyle. For the past two years of the young toddler's life, Blue Ivy has caused a severe discourse within the African American community with her unruly curly locks. Knowles and husband Shawn "Jay Z" Carter have been relentlessly scrutinized for their negligence of their child's grooming. After much uproar and a petition, Knowles has finally succumb to the pressure and permed Blue Ivy's hair.

The 32-year-old pop star was recently spotted at a 24 hour drug store picking up a box of Just For Me around 2am. She was also alleged to have purchased 2 bundles of blonde 30" remy Malaysian at Obama Beauty Supply. Furthermore, New York City's most popular kid hair salon Knot Today is said to be closed for a "special client" this upcoming Friday afternoon. Many assume that special client is indeed Blue Ivy Carter. Sources say the famous tyke is set to debut her new look on Instagram in just a few days.

Without giving away too much, Knowles posted a cryptic handwritten note that seems to confirm the baby relaxer allegations. The note was uploaded with a Valencia filter and featured a baby comb at the corner of the page. See quote below:

Fine I'll do it. Ya'll happy? Damn!

No one is sure of what the singer was referring to but many fans suggest it's her response to the hair scandal. Knowles shocked the world when she allowed her child to wear her hair in its natural state. The kinky curly locks have been considered unworldly, unkempt, and "nappy." Several offended individuals signed the anti-Blue Ivy hair petition, commenting:

"Because no child who's mom spends thousands on her hair (monthly) should live life looking like a sheep!" - Nancy Kondo

"Cruelty to children has to stop." - Annie Campbell

"She is going to be teased and bullied when she becomes a teenager. PLEASE COMB HER HAIR :(." - Ebony Holder

"Blue Ivy's father, Jayz likes to brag about his "charmed" life, while his wife is dripping in expensive weaves, jewelry, and designer gowns. Beyonce's mother was a hair salon owner. Please comb, that clown's, er baby's hair." - Mrs. M Hart

Apparently society, particularly within the black culture, has no room for wild and untamed tresses. While there is a small and growing movement of natural hair empowerment, it is still taboo to actually flaunt such thick texture. Ironically enough, Blue Ivy's aunt Solange Knowles is highly praised for her daring hairdo which consists of natural curls and kinks. Perhaps an afro is only accepted if it comes with funky clothes and a cool background. UK studies are still researching that theory.

Fans are sure to be pleased with Blue Ivy's newfound conformity. The cute little diva will no longer have to be criticized for her inability to grow silky straight hair. Her new look will also save mommy and daddy face, as well has cease the comparisons to softer-textured hair tot, North West. The petition created to enforce Knowles and Carter's involvement in their child's beauty regime was undoubtedly a success. What a wonder how such positivity can influence even A-list stars. This controversy is sure to have a great effect on the youth, proving your beauty standards do matter.

Kadia Blagrove is a journalist, reporter and a proud owner of a nappy and happy fro. Details of this story may or may not be true. Sources are trusted imaginary beings. If this article made you question your negative comments about a child's hair, then you're welcome.

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