Beyonce Wears Retro Swimwear In 'Angel' Video, Looks Amazing Of Course (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Beyoncé Picks Retro Swimsuit Line For New Video

Christmas came early this year: Last night, without a word of warning, Beyoncé dropped a brand new album called "Beyoncé" featuring a video for every single song of the album, an unheard-of feat. It basically goes without saying that everyone is eternally grateful to Bey for improving what was sure to be another humdrum Friday.

Especially grateful is Robyn Lawley. The rising plus-size model awoke to find that in one of the videos, Beyoncé is wearing a bathing suit that appeared to be from her Robyn Lawley Swimwear collection. Lawley excitedly posted to Facebook this morning:

Woke up to this .., Beyoncé wearing one on my swimsuits! #robynlawleyswimwear #beyonce #noangelvideo

And sure enough, there is Beyoncé, strutting around in the video for "No Angel" in a retro white swimsuit, layered with jewels and a plush white fur coat (natch).

The white suit is a perfect fit for Queen Bey's hourglass figure, which incidentally isn't that different than Lawley's. No one ever calls Beyoncé plus-size, of course; but seeing how great she looks in the kind of suit showcased by a model the industry does call "plus-size" underscores how arbitrary that label is. Robyn looks gorgeous in it, Beyoncé looks gorgeous in it and the rest of us probably would, too -- no labels necessary.


Robyn Lawley:

Editor's Note: Previous references confirming that Beyonce is wearing an exact suit from Lawley's line have been temporarily removed, pending confirmation from Beyonce's representatives.

Robyn looks stunning in swimwear:

Australian Magazine, August 2012

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