Beyonce Shares Blue Ivy Photo, Still Manages To Keep Her From Prying Eyes

Beyonce Shares Photo Of Blue Ivy, On Her Own Terms

Blue Ivy is obviously a huge part of Beyonce's life and while the superstar singer knows that fans are eager to see photos of her only child, she's careful not to give away too much.

On Tuesday (Dec. 10), the 32-year-old shared yet another photo of her nearly two-year-old daughter on her Instagram account, in which she obscures the toddler's face with a straw hat.

Though Blue's face is often photographed by the paparazzi when she's out in public with her parents, it seems Beyonce made the decision to shield her daughter's face in personal photos she shares on social media. This way, she can share photos of her child with her adoring fans and still retain a sense of privacy for baby Blue. Often Beyonce will share photos that just show the back of her little girl's head:


beyonce daughter

Sometimes, the photo will just feature her tiny feet:

And on a rare occasion, Bey will give the world a full look at Blue, like in this photo of the two of them at the beach, which she posted to her Tumblr this past summer:


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