Beyonce Gifts Solange 25 Pairs Of Shoes For Her Birthday

Beyonce Gifts Solange 25 Pairs Of Shoes For Her Birthday

If there's one thing Solange Knowles loves, it is shoes. The singer with the famous sister bonds with her son over sneakers and once told Refinery29:

"I'm all about the shoes! I order a ton of them online and play with my entire wardrobe until I find the right shoe. Unfortunately, so many people get it right from the head until the ankles. The shoe is very important. I can't even f**k with you if your shoe game is slacking."

So Beyonce officially became the greatest sister in the world, reported the New York Post, when she sent her Solange a generous 25th birthday present: one pair of shoes for every year she's been alive.

And "designer" shoes, no less: the Post writes that Beyonce had her assistant call from England, where she is performing at Glastonbury, and order up 25 pairs of heels from Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman.

Isn't it nice to have sisters around to make sure your shoe game is never slacking?

Watch this video for more on Solange and style:

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