Beyonce's Thighs Are The Center Of New Photoshop Controversy

Beyonce is getting plenty of attention lately, but it's not of the usual adoring kind. A photo she posted to her Tumblr page and Instagram account this week, which shows her in a bikini on a golf course at some gorgeously exotic resort, is getting a ton of heat for a possible Photoshop alteration.

According to several outlets, many people seem to think Bey altered the photo to have it look like she has a "thigh gap," or in simpler terms, as if her thighs don't touch.

Apparently, a lot of women who deal with eating disorders fixate on the "thigh gap" issue, and there are countless Tumblr blogs dedicated to the potentially unhealthy phenomenon.

The photo in question:

Jezebel observes that Beyonce's pose, or golf squat -- her bent knees, hunched back, ready to swing the club -- may make for seemingly "slimmer" legs. With her famous derriere sticking out, it would actually make sense that her body would look slightly different than if she were standing upright.

But Amelia McDonell-Parry at The Frisky notes that "Beyonce’s (extremely toned, hard-working, bad ass, Blue-birthing) body doesn’t usually have thigh gap."

"The slight wavy unevenness and a certain sharpness where there should be a natural curve indicate that the clone stamp tool was probably used to whittle down Bey’s thighs and butt area," writes McDonell-Parry.

Racked adds that Bey's Instagram followers are discussing the issue in the comments section, asking her to ax whomever did such a poor Photoshop job.

Kim Kardashian dealt with the same sort of rumors last January when a selfie she posted to Instagram looked like it might have been digitally manipulated.

The reality star called the accusations "lies" and tweeted, "It sucks when people make up surgery or Photoshop lies when I am so disciplined & work so hard! Just trying to motivate others & show anyone struggling with weight they can totally achieve whatever they want if they are dedicated!"



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